Car Interior Deep Cleaning with Steam Cleaner | How to clean interior with steamer

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July 31, 2022

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How to deep clean a car with steamer| Deep Car Interior Cleaning with Shampoo

Today we want to show our process for cleaning each section of the cars interior during our “extra interior” package. Extra cleaning of Interior description

Table of Contents

How to make shampoo without extraction

Step 1: Vacuum

Everything starts from good prelimenary vacuum cleaning, and after removal of all staff from the floor, we can go to detailing steps

vacuuming car cabin

Step 2: Spray cleaning solution and brushing

apply shampoo solution on car carpte

Applying Fortador Oxi shampoo with an IK foamier and a soft nylon drill brushattachment to work it in. The shampoo can be left on the carpet while moving onto the next step. This helps sort and oils wick to the top of the carpet fiberswhere they will easily be cleaned with the next steps.

Fortador Magic Brush

Fortador OXI Shampoo

brushing fabrics for stains removal

Step 3: Cleaning

Applying P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner onto all leather, vinyl,rubber, and plastic pieces of the interior. The idea here is to clean thesurface before applying steam.

P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner

Step 4: Removing dirty foam

Nowthat the shampoo has had time to work and bring everything to its surface, it’stime to vacuum up all the excess. After this step the car is already in a statemost would consider clean, but the next step takes it to another level.

steaming of car sets

Step 5: Steaming

it’s time for Steam! Our Fortador Pro S commercial steam machine puts out steamat up to 280F to kill any germs In It’s path! The Steam also amplifies thecleaning power of any left over interior cleaner or shampoo, leaving allsurfaces residue free and sanitized!

Fortador Steamers USA

Fortador PRO S Steamer and Washer

PS. Carpet stripes

It is not bad idea to add lining on carpets to get WoW from happy customer

making strips on car carpets

Original video

PPS. Explanation of steam cleaning work on interior

Sergey "Serg" Paskevich
Ugur Sezmis

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