Blast Away Grime: Comparing the Leading High-Pressure Industrial Steam Cleaners

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August 7, 2023

Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pressure Washer Steamer

The market for home cleaning has recently welcomed steam cleaners. They are more effective than many alternatives and may be used on any type of floor. One of a steam cleaner's main draws for many purchasers is that it provides a healthier, more environmentally friendly means of cleaning. A steam cleaner can put your mind at ease if you've ever been concerned about the amount of chemicals in the detergents and cleaning products you purchase. Water is all that is required for it to work its cleaning magic.

For customers who have allergies, steam cleaners are a desirable option. Steam cleaning technique lifts and removes dust mites and dirt while using heat to destroy bacteria, so it gets rid of everything that you might not be able to see but that is damaging the quality of the air you breathe. Additionally, steam pressure washers makes cleaning up stains simpler. Fo many stains, you can simply run your steam cleaner over them to remove them without having to go on your hands and knees and scrub at them.

Even the increasingly prevalent and difficult-to-kill pests known as bedbugs can be eliminated with the aid of steam cleaners. According to the user evaluations we looked at, many customers purchased them just for that reason—to prevent having to throw away their furniture—and were happy with the outcome.

Key Takeaways:

  • Steam cleaners offer efficient, chemical-free home cleaning and allergen control.
  • Consider size, price, attachments, and water tank when selecting a steam pressure washer.
  • Compare industrial models: Fortador PRO offers versatility, Easy-Kleen is portable with high heat, NorthStar has high pressure but is heavy.

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Three best hot pressure washer steamers

Fortador PRO industrial steam washer

1. Fortador PRO industrial steam washer

Industrial grade steam washer with efficient diesel burner from Lamborghini Caroclima that runs with no noise at all. Equipped with two 30-ft hoses and guns, that allow multiple users. It has 3 modes of steam washing: dry, wet and detergent.

You can use it for different washing, cleaning and sanitizing applications.

Advantages - Disadvantages

Compact size

Can fit any trailer or cargo van, weight 200 lbs, with cargo slider can be used without moving out of the van thanks for long hoses and extencions.

Multiple operators

Two people can perform cleaning and washing at the same time

Detergent feature

Thanks for built-in detergent tank, steam power can be enchanced with adding sanitizing agent or heavy degreaser for industrial and commercial jobs.

Continious operation

Can be connected to city water for automatic refilling


Big upfront investment but super low running costs with efficient diesel burner used 1 gallon of diesel for 6 hours


235 PSI pressure of steam is not enough for some operations.

Easy-Kleen EZO4035G-K-GP-12 Commercial Pressure Washer

2. Easy-Kleen EZO4035G-K-GP-12 Commercial Pressure Washer

Particularly with these large, heavy machinery, portability is crucial. There are 400 pounds in this Easy-Kleen pressure washer, which is a lot. However, it's one of the lighter high-power portable pressure washers to move around on this strong, four-wheel frame.

You can effortlessly push and drag it with you wherever you want to go thanks to the handles at the front. It can travel through a variety of terrain because to the big wheels.

Advantages - Disadvantages

Reaches high temperatures

This industrial model's diesel burner warms the water to a temperature of 250°F, which is hot enough to swiftly and effectively dissolve grease, filth, and removal and cutting oils is especially easy. Pressure washing with such hot steam will be a great tool to use in food processing plants and other similar oily and greasy places.When you choose something this potent, you'll spend less time cleaning and more time unwinding.

Various temperature options

With the convenient temperature control, you may select your own setting. You are not required to heat the water to a maximum of 250 degrees. As a result, you have more control over the current tasks.

Hot water pressure washers tend to get a little too hot when trying to battle tasks that can be sensitive to such high temperature. While such high pressure cleaning can be useful on things like maintenance or restoration projects as other service and maintenance work, if you want to clean the interior of your car, this could be very damaging.

This is why this steam pressure washer is such a great tool that will satisfy any cleaning needs.

Hard to move

Although it has a strong frame and a handle for transportation, this is not a simple object to use. Why? due to the shortness of the wheels. It can be very challenging to move the pressure washer because the bottom occasionally becomes stuck to the ground. It might use a set of larger wheels.

NorthStar Gas Hot Water Steam Cleaner Pressure Washer

3. NorthStar Gas Hot Water Steam Cleaner Pressure Washer

In search of a gas option? If you want a greater PSI, these are fantastic. This has unequaled power for heavy-duty and commercial cleaning with a PSI of 3000.

The vehicle has two 8.75 gallon gas tanks. They are color-coded for your benefit as well. Yellow for diesel, fuel oil, or kerosene, and red for gasoline. Remember that although though it has an electric start, it operates on gas.

Overall, this is a fantastic pressure washer that can produce steam and hot water up to 250°F.

Advantages - Disadvantages

3000 PSI

With this gas hot water pressure washer, anything is possible with a PSI of 3000. This is powerful enough to remove all types of tough dirt from a wide variety of surfaces with this natural gas hot steam

Honda engine

What advantages does this pressure washer's Honda engine provide? First of all, this machine is constantly ready for the job at hand. The commercial-grade engines also make it incredibly powerful, dependable, and simple to start. You can use this pressure washer for cleaning system like wastewater treatment plants since it is so powerful.

Additionally, it offers a longer runtime, better fuel efficiency, and maybe best of all, quiet operation.

Very heavy

This machine weighs 600 pounds without fuel. Adding fuel makes the conversation increasingly weighty. This makes it harder to move around, which is a problem for many clients.

Learn more about best additional tol for auto detailing for odor removal - ozone generation machine.

Main factors to consider when buying steam pressure washers

Which steam cleaner is best for you will surely depend on your needs and the reasons behind your desire for one. These are seven of the most important elements to think about while choosing the steam cleaner that is best for your requirements.

1. Size and weight

Steam cleaners come in a relatively diverse spectrum of sizes, shapes, and weights, from commercial and industrial use. Depending on the type you choose as well as each particular model, the overall bulkiness will change. Industrial steam cleaners tend to be bigger size but more powerful. Commercial steam pressure washers are smaller but better for jobs like car cleaning and house cleaning due to their cleaning power.

Be cautious to check the steam cleaner's dimensions and weight before you purchase one. Consider whether you would want something more portable and lighter than something larger and heavier once you know the size and total weight. You might not use a heavy steam cleaner if you don't feel comfortable moving or lugging it about.

You should also keep in mind that, whichever model you choose, you will need to find storage space for it. Make sure you have enough space for it to sit when not in use before you acquire it. When not in use, most homeowners will want to store it somewhere hidden, such a closet. Have you have room for that?

2. Price of pressure washer steamers

The price range you'll be considering will be significantly impacted by the type of steam cleaner you choose. It won't feel like a big commitment to buy handheld steam cleaners and steam mops because they can be found for very affordable costs. Although some cylinder and vapor steam cleaner models can be quite expensive, they are beneficial for a larger range of tasks, could perhaps save you money on other cleaning supplies, and ultimately save you time.

3. Attachments and additional accesories

The majority of steam cleaners come with a few basic attachments that you can use on various surfaces to disinfect various rooms in your house. For their steam cleaners, the majority of brands also provide additional attachments and accessories that you can purchase separately (or may come with some models).

The performing service of a steam pressure washers drastically increases with attachments. Various attachments can be used for different purposes. Removing chewing gum, cleaning greasy substances and grease, removing encrusted dirt, and other problem areas can be done much faster and easier with variety of attachments like brushes and thinner tools.

4. Water tank size

A steam cleaner can only continue to produce steam as long as there is water available to heat it from, much like an iron. Smaller steam cleaners frequently require more frequent water tank refills, which can interrupt your cleaning process. Larger tanks, on the other hand, will last longer, but they frequently take longer to heat up, so you're forced to wait before beginning.`

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