Experience the Magic of Steam Cleaning: Unveiling Its Advantages

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June 16, 2023

The Power of Steam: Unlocking the Benefits and Advantages of Steam Cleaning

Over the last few years, many people have made the switch from cleaning with chemicals to steam cleaning. Although the initial investment in a quality steam cleaner, like the various models in the Fortador lineup, is hefty, cleaning and disinfecting with steam is so thorough and provides so many benefits that you'll wonder why you didn't make the switch earlier. Steam cleaning is simply the healthier, more thorough and most cost-effective method on the market. Think about WHY you clean. You do it to get rid of dirt, germs, viruses, and the like. Not only does steam cleaning do a better job, but it's also faster, leaving you more time to do the things you love.

Key Takeaways:

  • Healthier & Thorough: Steam cleaning removes dirt, germs, and stains without harsh chemicals, ensuring a healthier and more thorough clean.
  • Eco-Friendly: Steam cleaning uses water and mild cleaners, reducing chemical usage and waste, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Versatile & Efficient: Steam cleaners work on various surfaces and items, from windows to mattresses, offering convenience and efficient cleaning.

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1. The benefits and advantages of steam cleaning

Steam has many amazing benefits and advantages. Whether you use a steam mop or a larger unit, you'll find so many genius uses for your machine around the house. Let's take a look at the benefits of steam cleaning over traditional cleaning methods.

chemicals free floor cleaning

1.1 Steam cleaning is environmentally friendly

Hot steam only uses water and sometimes a natural, mild cleaner to disinfect surfaces, so you don't need any harsh chemicals to achieve a spotless environment free of stains, germs and viruses. You'll be able to clean a variety of items without damaging the environment. When cleaning with chemical cleaners, the toxins can leach into the local soil and water supply, poisoning plants and animals. The fewer chemicals you use, the kinder you are to the environment.

Steam benefits the environment in another way too. Steam cleaners use only a small amount of water, much less than power washers, so you'll save freshwater, which is a valuable commodity in many areas of the world.

A third environmental benefit involves less waste in landfills. Steam cleaners come with various washable pads, brushes and other tools to clean surfaces that you can use over and over again. You'll save the environment by placing fewer disposable items in the garage, plus you'll spend less money too as you won't need to buy these items or the chemicals that go with them.

1.2 Chemical-free cleaning

Not using toxic chemicals provides several other advantages. First, the interior of your home will simply look better. Many chemicals leave behind streaks and smudges, not to mention residue that you can see. Using a steam cleaner makes your items and living space look spotless as the pressurized steam only leaves behind a sparkling shine.

Another important consideration is that steam cleaning can also remove chemical residue. Many people are allergic to the compounds in harsh cleaners and can suffer adverse reactions. Other health problems that chemicals can produce include:

  • Eye, skin and throat irritation
  • Headaches
  • Asthma and other breathing problems

Working with some chemical substances can be dangerous too, as they can cause burns. Not using chemical cleaners also means no risk to children or pets in your home's interior, especially on floors.

1.3 Thorough and effective

The high pressure and high temperature of steam cleaning make it one of the most effective cleaning techniques. Most cleaners produce steam at temperatures of at least 212 degrees Fahrenheit with quality Fortador units producing even hotter steam. These factors produce more effective disinfection than traditional cleaning methods. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency notes that indoor spaces have more than 100 times the allergens and other pollutants than outdoor spaces. As you spend up to 90% of your time indoors, deep cleaning takes on additional importance.

Consider these steam cleaning advantages:

2. Why removing contaminants is important

Dust and dust mites can build up and become embedded in carpets, rugs, upholstery and mattresses, while dirt, grime and grease can accumulate on surfaces. You can't see dust mites, mold, bacteria and other microscopic contaminents, but these pathogens can make you ill, resulting in allergies and infections. By using a steam cleaner regularly, you'll eliminate these prolific allergy triggers. What you can't see CAN hurt you. Some allergic reactions can turn into asthma, especially among children. Ut mites, in particular, love to hide in some of the previously mentioned items as well as in quilts, pillows and stuff animals where they feed on flakes of dead skin from humans and animals. Their water matter is what triggers allergies and asthma.

Consider the following. The average dust mite produces about 20 droppings per day and your mattress contains millions of dust mites. Essentially you're living side by side with these microscopic creatures. Cleaning with hot steam, followed by vacuuming with a HEPA vacuum will make a significant difference in your home's air quality and your family's health.

3. How does pressurized steam clean?

The pressure of the unit, plus the high temperature of the steam provides the cleaning power that makes this method so exceptional.  Steam has tiny vapor molecules that penetrate the surface pores of many different items. These vapor molecules quickly expand to force out embedded dirt, grease, bacteria and essentially all harmful particles to the surface. High temperatures produced by the unit kills viruses, bacteria and other pathogens like e. Coli and Salmonella, leaving your item clean, deodorized and sanitized in a matter of minutes. Say goodbye to infections and say hello to easier cleaning the next time around. The dirt is essentially blasted away into the environment, although for some applications, you can use an extractor or a vacuum to finish the job. Hard surfaces can benefit from wiping with a microfiber cloth. Steam cleaners are strong enough for the toughest tasks, yet because of variable controls, you can also use them on delicate surfaces without harming them.

4. Steam cleaners are easy to use

Unlike pressure washers, which can be difficult to control, steam cleaners are easy to use. Handling them is similar to using a vacuum cleaner once you learn the basics. All you need to do is pour tap water into the boiler tank, turn on the machine to heat the water to the boiling point or beyond and then start cleaning. Fortador models come with many different attachments and brushes for your job. Although you'll still need to put in some effort on tough jobs, you'll still get a more thorough clean with the high heat and pressure that steam provides. After working with your steamer for some time, you'll probably have to descale it as the hard minerals in water can build up. Doing so is easy is you just need to run a mixture of vinegar and water through the system and then flush it a second time with plain water. Fortador steamers are also built to last as we make them with stainless steel tanks and other quality components, so you'll be able to enjoy easy deep cleaning with your system for years to come.

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5. Extreme versatility

While steam cleaners provide so many benefits for the environment and for your pocketbook, the reason why so many consumers love them is because of their versatility. This area is where the benefits of steam cleaning really come into play. Essentially, you can clean nearly every surface in your home with your steam cleaner. Because you only need water to do most jobs, you'll save a lot of money on cleaning supplies, even as much as $800 annually for the average household! Imagine all the jobs you cn accomplish quickly and easily.

windows cleaning with steam cleaner

5.1 Windows and car detailing

Everyone hates cleaning windows because they're difficult to clean, plus it's almost impossible to avoid streaks. Use a squeegee attachment to get your indoor and outdoor panes squeaky clean.

Using a steamer to remove stains and grime from your car's interior and exterior and windows is highly efficient.  When you detail your vehicle with  a steam cleaner, it will look like new again. With the appropriate attachments, you can even use the system to remove oil, grease and engine buildup, ultimately prolonging the life of your vehicle.

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bathroom floors cleaning with steam cleaner

5.2 Bathroom fixtures, tile and grout

The bathroom is a wonderful place to use your steam cleaner. No place in your home gets dirtier and accumulates more germs, mold and other allergens, so  steam cleaning is ideal.  You can sanitize your toilet, remove the drips beneath it, clean your vanity and make all fixtures shine.

Steam is. particularly adept at cleaning tiles and grout in your tub area. Cleaning grout, the lines between the tiles is a particularly tedious job. All you need to do is set your steamer on higher pressure and you'll have it done in minutes. You can even use attachments to get deep into various areas to blast away dirt, stains and gunk.

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kitchen steam cleaning

5.3 Kitchen duties

Some of the worst cleaning tasks in the home are in your kitchen. The stove is always full of grease and food debris, not to mention the interior of the oven where it can be tricky to remove stuck and burnt food without harsh chemicals that have toxic fumes. Steam cleaning your stove and oven with a small brush attachment for smaller areas and a larger one for the rest will give you a commercial grade kitchen clean. Finish with a microfiber cloth on the oven door.

The refrigerator and freezer always seem to accumulate gunk too. Steam clean these areas to sanitize and eliminate unpleasant odors while also effectively removing bacteria.

Dont' forget the floors. Use a stem mop attachment for large flat surface and then clean the baseboards with a small nylon brush.

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Mattress cleaning reqiure pretreatment with brush of stains

5.4 Sanitizing mattresses

You may hesitate to wash your mattress,  but a steam cleaner is ideal for ridding your bedding of surface stains and that unpleasant smell that comes for countless nights sweating while you sleep.  Use steam cleaners on a lower setting to get a chemical free clean while also ridding your attress of dust mites and even bed bug infestations.

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cleaning of furniture is easy with high heat steam

5.5 Couches, furniture and carpeting

Steam cleaners produce very hot steam that contains less than 5% water, meaning that anything you clean will dry quickly, leaving no opportunity for mold to grow. That means anything you clean will dry very quickly, ideal for mattresses, fabrics, carpets and even clothing.  Fortador offers units with detergent tanks and extractors so you can deep clean carpets, upholstered furniture and many other soft surfaces. Systems with etractors leave virtually no moisture behind. These features augment the benefits of steam cleaning in many different applications.

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5.6 A new level of clean for other items

Other indoor  and outdoor cleaning tasks that you may not think of also adapt well to steam cleaning power. You'll end up cleaning things that you have avoided for months or even years Use your Fortador system on:

  • Disinfect toys, car seats and other children's items
  • Garbage can disinfectant
  • Cleaning faux plants
  • Remove wallpaper
  • Cleaning ceiling fans
  • Barbecue grills
  • Outdoor furniture

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6. What You Shouldn’t Steam Clean

Some surfaces can take the hot steam or the high pressure that your steam cleaner will produce. Avoid cleaning any items that can sustain damage from heat or are not sealed, as in the case of hard surfaces. Don't steam clean the following:

  • Unsealed hardwood floors, tile or natural stone like marble or limestone
  • Bamboo, paper, cardboard and other porous surfaces
  • Flooring with cracks or gaps  
  • Walls or furniture finished with water-based paint
  • Delicate items like velour upholstery, silks or thin plastics

Always check with manufacturer labels or recommendations when cleaning clothing, curtains, upholstery and flooring.  Clothing and curtains are best cleaned with a steamer designed for that purpose so you don't destroy the fabric.

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