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July 23, 2022

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Best Alternative to Optima Steamer

We are not only best steamers in the world 2022 is our seventh year in USA, an we can make small list of our results for past years. more than  1000 are on duty in mobile and stationary detailing shops, our app used in FL and CA for managing mobile detailing businesses, more than 25000 detailing jobs performed by Total Steam detailers in Miami area.

Check our complete comparasion to Optima DMF

Check our complete comparasion to Astra Idromatic

Our line of detailing materials get success on USA, Europe and Latin America, car paint coating Kevlar Protection system launched soon

Table of Contents

optima steaer competitor
2022 Fortador PRO Max steam cleaner with vacuum extraction
s[ecial offer for optima steamer owners
Kris Traczynski
Lev Tretyakov

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