Unveiling the Truth: Does Steam Really Kill Viruses? Debunking Myths and Revealing Facts | Right way to use steamer against viruses and germs

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September 15, 2023

Science Behind Steam: Examining the Efficacy of Steam Against Viruses and Bacteria | How to kill germs with steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is one of the best, if not the best, option to kill viruses and bacteria. After such a difficult pandemic, it is crucial to stand on top of prevention of viruses spreading, and a steam cleaner does just that.

Steam cleaners are not only useful to clean surfaces like upholstery, floors and furniture, but also to disinfect. In addition, with high heat steam cleaning, you can kill dust mites and bed bugs without using any harsh chemicals. By using a steamer, you unlock unlimited cleaning options that will help you kill viruses in the most effective way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Steam cleaning is highly effective in killing viruses and bacteria, surpassing traditional cleaning methods with detergents.
  • Steam cleaners can reach high temperatures (above 212ºF) that are effective in destroying germs, including flu viruses and dust mites.
  • Steam cleaning is not only effective but also sustainable, using fewer chemicals and less water for deep cleaning while being eco-friendly.

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Why are steam cleaners so effective?

Steam cleaning outperforms traditional hand cleaning techniques that use detergents and are less hygienic. For effective steam cleaning, High pressure and high temperature are essential. The steam cleaner boils the water, generating heated steam as a result. At around 100 degrees Celsius, the steam then exits the accessories (floor nozzle, hand nozzle, etc.).

All pores and cracks are penetrated by the steam, which also cleans areas that are inaccessible to regular cleaning materials. Surfaces stay clean for a longer amount of time and difficult-to-remove dirt is easily dislodged.

Continuous steaming of an area or hard surfaces leads to the destroyal of most germs and killing viruses. Most flu viruses and germs die at about 150ºF-180ºF, but steam heats up to 212ºF which is what makes steam clean so powerful again any pathogens. Such effective results can not be achieved with regular disinfectants.

How does steam cleaning work?

This equipment has an enclosed water tank that can heat water to extremely high temperatures and high pressures (often between 100 and 150 °C), which hits the surface when the overheated vapor is sprayed on it and forces dirt, grease, and biofilms off of it. Additionally, it can access areas where chemical sanitizers cannot, such as cracks and crevices. Steam sterilization is a very efficient procedure since it destroys pathogens and thoroughly cleans surfaces.

The heat sprayed ensures that the microbes' link is destroyed, removing any enveloped viruses viruses. In addition, the machine's low pressure allows the steam to enter small spaces like cracks, fissures, and inaccessible groutings.

Additionally, the pressure penetrates surfaces without harming their surfaces while the heat from the vapor breaks down grease and filth. You should be aware of the types of coatings that steam cleaner and steam mop can effectively clean.

sanitizing school with fortador volt mini steamer

What can you sanitize with steam cleaners?

One of the most adaptable and powerful cleaning techniques that can be used in a number of settings is steam sanitizing solution. It can be utilized as a recreational tool outside or indoors in homes and places of worship. Steam cleaners can be used in healthcare facilities to clean operating rooms, wheelchairs, waiting areas, and patient equipment.

Additionally, a steam cleaner can be used to cleanse:

  • tables in cafes and restaurants
  • bathrooms
  • flats and offices
  • lobby areas in hotels
  • furniture

Can you kill dust mites with steam cleaners?

The water used in steam cleaning can reach temperatures that are hotter than those recommended for washing machines and dryers to kill mites in fabrics, which are frequently high enough to kill these pesky mites. By eradicating bacteria and mold spores, steam cleaning also serves as a natural disinfectant.

While steam cleaning can eliminate dust mites, it's crucial to keep in mind that some of the residual bodies and feces are what trigger allergies and cause symptoms to persist. In order to ensure that everything is removed from the carpet, it is best to vacuum it again after cleaning and after the carpet has dried.

bed bugs

Can you kill bed bugs with a steam cleaner?

Killing bed bugs can be a complicated task. In order to survive, bed bugs need three things: carbon dioxide, blood, and warmth. These insects enjoy a habitat that is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bed bugs are able to fully mature into reproductive adults much more quickly in this temperature range. However, bed bugs become substantially less able to survive as the temperature rises.

Continual contact with steam that is between 110 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit will kill bed bugs in about 15 minutes. On the other hand, steam cleaners have the ability to shoot steam that is up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Bed bugs, nymphs, and their eggs can all nearly instantaneously perish under this high heat and high temperature by using a steam head of such a medical device like steamer.

Advantages of using a steam cleaner

steam temperature by spraying distance

1. Effectiveness

Consumer complaints claim that the CDC-recommended chemical disinfectants for cleaning surfaces are in low supply. At the same time, this keeps happening, and people need to start embracing the environmentally friendly steam cleaner alternative to make sure they maintain the safety of their environment. Because it deep cleans quickly, steam is a very effective cleaning method, especially in settings with stringent hygiene standards.

While precise studies on the likelihood that steam could kill the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 have not been conducted, we do know that the virus is susceptible to exposure to high temperatures. Because steam can reach temperatures of more than 120 to 150 (200 to 250) degrees Celsius, steam research can produce great outcomes.

Commercial grade steamer is an effective tool to kill pathogens on materials like clothes, couch, and rugs. This can be impossible to do if you are using a regular disinfectant since it can damage such delicate surface.

2. Easy usage

Usually, after cleaning a surface, you have to wait for it to dry before you can reopen the area. However, steam cleaners like the Fortador PRO  heat the water to a high temperature, making it possible to swiftly wash down surfaces after cleaning. In this manner, places might be reopened more quickly than usual.

As we can see, many hospitals are at capacity because to the surge of COVID19-infected patients, so facilities need to be sanitized as soon as feasible. Additionally, the steam cleaning procedure will allow individuals who have recovered make their sleeping places available as soon as feasible.

dental office sanitizing with fortador steamer

3. Sustainable

Steam cleaning is distinctive because it disinfects surfaces with fewer chemicals and less water than other methods. Steam cleaning may wash, rinse, and clean surfaces with less effort than a normal cleaning technique that requires chemicals and a lot of water. It offers a comprehensive sustainable method of deep cleaning surfaces because it is eco-friendly.

Learn more about removing mold and mildew out of home.

Selecting a steam cleaner with the proper advanced features

It's important to pay special attention to any built-in features that might be of interest to you when selecting the best steam cleaner. Some deep cleaners are built to be portable and simple to move, while others have features like a bigger water tank to carry more water for prolonged cleaning sessions.

best steam cleaners for virus killing

Best steam cleaner to sanitize

A potent Lamborghini burner powers the Fortador PRO and Fortador PRO Max, enabling it to carry out both steam and washing operations. Additionally, it has the ability to discharge cleaning agents for engines or wheels for industrial cleaning. With a pressure of 16 Bar (232 PSI), the steam that is released can be used for both vacuum steam cleaning and cash washing. To prevent corrosion, the compartment is built of a corrosion-resistant alloy.

It includes a touch screen monitoring system to automatically diagnose the machine among its accessories. Alerts regarding maintenance, burner settings, and filter size are displayed on the screen. Additionally, it displays the serial number, an hour meter, the current pressure in the boiler, the fluid levels (water, diesel, detergent), and many other things.

Portable steam cleaner Fortador Volt Mini is a great commercial solution for residential and office cleaning, interior disinfection of cars.

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