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April 4, 2023

Easy quick guide how to put Fortador PRO S steamer into operation

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1)    Fill WATER only than get signal from machine that water tank is empty

Fill Water tank with 4-5gallons of water, add 3 oz of BLUE Magic Steam Wash

Add 2-2.5 gallons of waterto fulfill Water tank

Total volume of Water tankis 25L/6.6 Gallons

2)    Fill detergents only then youwill get notice from machine

Add 1 gallon of water toDetergent tank

Add 8-10 oz BROWN or anyother Degreaser to Detergent tank

Full fill with ½ gallon ofwater detergent tank

Total volume of Detergenttanks is 5L / 1.3 Gal

3)    To use GREEN Magic Hand WASH

Put 4 gallons of Waterinto the bucket and add 2-2.5 oz of GREEN Hand WASH

It will become black afterfew cars, but dirt is capsulated by polymer and you can use this solution forup to 5 cars

Wash mitt with water, putmitt inside the bucket, make I dry/wet and wipe panel during steaming

We recommend to rinse mittafter every panel, don’t forget to flip side of mitt during washing

4)    White Spray WAX is ready to usewax, after you clean the panel and dry it with microfiber, apply 2-3 sprays onpanel and wipe it again with CLEAN&DRY microfiber, don’t forget to flipmicrofiber

5)    No need to spray more then 4times, because NANO wax is “best for LESS”

6)    Our Sealant can be used asanti-rain, we recommend you to make half of your windshield to makedemonstration to your customers hydrophobic properties of Sealant for easyupsale

7)    To prepare your sprayers forcleaning of cars you can use this table for 32 oz Spray Bottle

BROWN Degreaser

1:4, 1:5, 1:6

6 oz of Brown

26 oz of water

YELLOW Carpet Cleaner

1:6, 1:8, 1:10

5 oz of Yellow

27 oz of Water

8)    Every day after finish the job, you need to release pressure fromboiler(be careful) and leave this releasing valve open for the night, next daythen you start the machine – wait then water will gofrom boiler drain (dirty and after clean) and after close this valve

This simple procedure willhelp you to keep boiler clean for many years.

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Easy quick guide how to put Fortador PRO S steamer into operation


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