Fortador Shampoo dual hose short instruction

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April 4, 2023

New Fortador Extraction gun instruction

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New washing gun instruction

2019 Fortador Extraction gun

In Fortador new gun you have two switch. One is on the top of the gun and one is normal finger switch.

In Fortador Pro + new software when you click switch number 1 you power on vacum cleaner. This switch

is used for switching off and on vacum cleaner.

As regards switch number 2 is only used for switching off and on steam with detergent.

That is if you switch on swith number 2 you start steam with detergen. If you to swith on vacum cleaner you schould swith on switch number 1.

You have two possibilities. You can washing with steam and detergent (switch number 2) or you can washing with steam, detergent and vacum cleaner (switch number 1).

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New Fortador Extraction gun instruction


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