Maintenance of Fortador Steam Cleaner: daily, weekly and monthly procedures

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April 4, 2023

Fortador Steamer Support, Service and Maintenance

Today we decided to write about our Support, Service, Maintenance and parts purchase

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Support materials

Please, visit our SUPPORT PAGE to get access to Quick Guides and Service videos

Spare parts order

If you need to order standard parts like water pump, hose or etc - please check them at our WEBSHOP

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fortador steamer maintenance plan


a) Weekly check your diesel filter, clean it if needed and tight to avoid leaks and getting air into the system

b) Monthly check and clean your water filter

c) Every 3 month check performance of your Water pump, loosing performance can case longer filling time and loosing burner start control during operation

d) Every 6-9 month perform descaling if you using hard water without adding Fortador BLUE MAGIC

e) Every year clean combustion chamber and replace burner nozzle


If you mentioned unnormal operation of your steamer, please, photos/videos of parts that possible needs to be replaced, send us email to USA@FORTADOR.COM with copy to HELP@FORTADOR.COM describing the problem with information of your model, serial number, moto hours counter

For contacting Fortador Steamers Sales & Support, please use WhatsApp to communicate

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Fortador Steamer Support, Service and Maintenance


Easy quick guide how to put Fortador PRO S steamer into operation


New Fortador Extraction gun instruction


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