How remove stains from fabric seats | Only one chemical to use

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September 6, 2023

Easy stain removal from fabric seats and carpets with Fortador

We are happy to introduce the best combo to fight with stains on fabric seats, carpet and upholstery

Fortador Magic Brush and Fortador OXI Shampoo

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You can use same technic for stains removal with steaming of couch in your home.

Brush made with plastic base and will last for years in busy detailing shop

OXI Shampoo is very concentrated peroxide base dry foam shampoo without smell

both items are available in our webshop

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About the Authors

Ugur Sezmis
Renowned in the world of Professional Detailing, Fahrzeugaufbereitung is not only a master in restoring automotive brilliance but also a distinguished Rupes Trainer based in Germany. With a commitment to perfection, he enhances car aesthetics while sharing his expertise through top-notch training.
Sergey "Serg" Paskevich
Panama-based detailing pro, proud owner of Car Care Performance Detailing studio in Panama-City. Specializing in Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating, and comprehensive Car Detailing services

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