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April 25, 2023

Efficient holiday cleaning | Holiday cleaning tips

The holiday season involves your family members and friends under the Christmas tree, opening up gifts, and eating freshly made cookies. We want our holiday experience to be perfect for everyone. You vow to organize holidays to a more superficial level each year. If you host overnight guests or a celebration, we have some holiday cleaning advice to help you make a perfect Christmas. It's not a holiday if friends and family are not enjoying it.

Below, you will find a to do list to prepare a clean house when your guests arrive, tips for day after holiday cleaning.

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How do you clean for the holiday season?

Having the right cleaning supplies will make your life a lot easier when you are a deep clean. Here is a list we think every host needs for the holiday season.

household steam cleaner
  • Steam cleaner

Steam cleaning has proven to clean better than any other tool a homeowner might have. Certain steam cleaners can be used to clean anything from floors to kitchen appliances and upholstery. We recommend investing in the Fortador Volt Mini which comes with a steam mop and various gun attachments for different surfaces to make sure your guests come to a clean home.

steam cleaning has become the preferred method for cleaning and sanitizing a variety of things, including homes, medical facilities, and different types of commercial businesses along with all kinds of vehicles.

  • Glass cleaner

Nobody likes to look at themselves in the mirror or take a mirror picture and find stains. Investing in a good glass cleaner will save you trouble. We recommend using the Windex with white vinegar for sparkling clean windows and mirrors without the smell of ammonia.

  • All purpose cleaner

All purpose cleaners were made for a reason. Whether you need to quickly wipe a kitchen counter of stains or clean the surface of your dining room table. A trusted brand that does not leave a chemical smell that we recommend is Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day's All Purpose Cleaner.

  • White vinegar

White vinegar can be used in many things around the house as well as in cooking. Mixing one part of the white vinegar, two parts of water, and a squeeze of lemon juice is a great substitute for an all purpose cleaner if you do not feel like running to the store.

  • Broom

Having a broom at hand when you are hosting a holiday gathering for your whole family will prevent any unwanted pieces of glass that might have been broken on accident to fly around the room.

  • Swiffer

Even though it can be a little costly, having a Swiffer is a great tool to have at hand. Aside from quick dust clean ups, you can also use wet cloths instead of using the mop.

diluter first

Declutter first

It's no waste of money as long as the time spent cleaning the trash. Get rid of all that stuff and it will be easier for you. ) It can be very interesting for parents to encourage their kids to races or to play some sort of sports.

bathroom cleaning is not a joke

Bathroom cleaning

No matter how many bathrooms you have in your home, expect your holiday guests to use them. Make sure to always have fresh hand towels in every bathroom for your guests' convenience.

Do not forget to check that there is enough hand soap as well as toilet paper at hand. Lastly, constantly wipe the surfaces with microfiber cloths and cleaning products to stay away from wet countertops.

Living room cleaning

If you like to leave unread mail on your coffee table, store it away to avoid spillage of food or drinks. Wipe away any dust that might have collected over the weeks.

kitche cleaning

Kitchen cleaning

Large and small appliances should be cleaned from all the built up grease in preparation for cooking. If you are planning to cook big meals and will need the space, make sure that any unnecessary appliances are put away and only the necessary ones are left on the counters.

After you have done all the cooking, load up the dishwasher as soon as possible, you will probably end up having to do another load for the dishes and cups. Involve your kids to help you clean up and wrap the leftovers, so you won't have to do it alone.

Make space in your fridge for party foods that will not be finished right away.

Check our guide for steam cleaning of kitchen

cleaning dining room

Dining room cleaning

Holiday table linens can be a nice touch to add holiday spirit to your home. Stay away from setting the table days before the holiday celebration because you might find yourself dusting plates instead of enjoying a drink pre celebration.

Holiday cleaning for overnight guests

If you are hosting holiday guests this year, you want to have a clean home to welcome them to. A deep clean before the big event might be a good idea. Here is a checklist on what to make sure is cleaned up before the holidays. If you start early, you are guaranteeing yourself less stress if more things will need to be done.

1. Guest bedroom

If your guests are staying for the holidays, you want their room to feel like home. Make sure to remove clutter that may have been acquired in the room. The floors should be cleaned thoroughly. If you have carpets, we especially recommend using a steam cleaner to disinfect them and remove any allergens that may be trapped in the fibers.

2. Fresh towels

Fresh hand towels as well as bath towels are a must. Think of your home as a hotel when your guests arrive. If you have white towels, bleaching them to achieve that extra white color can do the trick. When storing the towels for your guests, think about putting sachets or softener sheets in between the towels to keep the fresh scent.

3. Fresh sheets

An extra pair of fresh sheets should be a given for any host. Accidents happen and some guests like their sheets changed more often than your family would. Pillows should be washed as well to avoid any contaminations.

prep laundry basket

4. Laundry basket

Depending on how long your guests are staying at your house, you might need to leave a laundry basket in their guest bedroom for convenience

5. Closet space

Add extra hangers in the closet for guest coats. You never know how many clothes your guests are bringing, so having the space to fit everything is always nice.

5. Guest bathroom

If you want to go the extra mile, a welcome kit with all the necessary personal items. It can include a mini size of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste and etc. Get a small basket or box and fill it with a selection of bath bombs, sponges, and bath salts to make your friends feel like they are in spa experience.

Make sure to have hand soap stocked up, so your guests will not be left washing their hands with water. Extra toilet paper rolls should be stored away under the sink for ease.

Shower curtains should be changed if they have been used before or disinfected.

If you want an in depth guide on how to clean bathrooms, here is a link

cleaning your home with kids

5. Kids

If your friends or family members are arriving with their kids, make sure you put away any hazardous things they might want to play with.

Making room for an inflatable mattress in the guest bedroom would be a smart move as you don't know whether their parents want them to stay in the same room or separately. Have extra pillows on hand to accommodate them.

Finishing touches for the holiday season

Fresh flowers are always a good way to decorate your house for you and your visiting guests. To completely immerse everyone in the holiday spirit, try to include Christmas design in even the littlest things, like table linens, and Christmas scented candles if you so desire.

keeping your home clean while travel

How can I keep my house clean while on vacation?

If you are planning to travel for the holidays, Bring your house for some thorough cleaning before departing. Use quick vacuuming or sweep the floor around the table or in the kitchen to get rid of leftover food particles. Do not forget to shut down everything.

Holiday cleaning tips: the aftermath

Holidays are made to have fun and unwind with the whole family and friends. However, the cleaning afterward is what every host dreads of. Here are some cleaning tips:

1. In big plastic bags, and throw out any trash that has been collected in the living room from unwrapping the gifts, guest bedrooms and bathrooms, and the fridge. If you do this first, you are saving yourself time picking up piles of trash as you keep cleaning

2. With your broom, quickly dust the floors from any debris that has collected over the few days of the celebration

3. Wipe all the countertops and most touched surfaces with an all purpose cleaner

4. Thoroughly clean your baths and sinks after your guests, a steam cleaner will help you disinfect the areas

5. Open the windows in the whole house to get the foul smell of the cooking out.

If you cleaning hvac coils by yourself learn more about best practices in this guide.

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