Application of Kevlar Ceramic Coating for Car explained by PRO Installer

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July 17, 2022

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How to Install Best Protection Ceramic Coating for Car

Many manufactories miss it in the easiness of application procedure of ceramic car coating to convince drivers paying thousands of dollars for installation, and pushing detailers togo for certification courses. Oops! So wrong. This year showed that online training, video demonstration and support are very efficient, and could eliminate needs of wasting time in classes. So Yes! You deserve better

With our revolutionary product you can give your vehicle surface a new durable and attractive surface look without spending time in classes and paying thousands for something you already know or can be taught online. We developed DIY Ceramic Car Coating with pro results.

The application procedure of Kevlar Ceramic Coating for Cars doesn’t  requires dedicated experts with the skills to handle and bring out the stunning beauty of your vehicle and to keep your vehicle glossy and protected for years. That's why you should count on a superior product as Kevlar coating by Fortador, a company who knows how to doit best product with user friendly installation procedure.

On this post, we'll briefly look at how to install Kevlar paint on your vehicle to give it a stunning look and also, the advantages it comes with.

Table of Contents


  1. What comes with Kevlar Ceramic Coating Complete kit
  2. Installation on your vehicle
  3. Benefits of Kevlar Ceramic Coating
  4. Conclusion
  5. Videos: Unboxing, Tutorial
Fortador Kevlar Coating Stage 1

First of all, Kevlar is a DuPont chemical used in making durable and attractive finishes for your vehicle. It's a reputable and reliable brand when it comes to protecting your car from scratches, rust, dents and other defacing damages. Are you aware it has a tensile strength of 4700 and can resist scratch in almost all cases? I know you do, that's why you're here.

Interestingly, Fortador Kevlar kit box comes with

- Application brush,

- Applicator sponge,

- Buffing Microfiber,

- KEVLAR Ceramic Coating Primer/Activator 50 ml,

- KEVLAR Ceramic Coating Paste  120 ml,

- KEVLAR Ceramic Interior Coating 150 ml.

1. Installing Kevlar Ceramic Coating on your vehicle

Fortador a inventor of Kevlar coatings, spent over 4 years in preparing Kevlar kit for mass market made over 1200 installations and durability tests in different countries and weather conditions.  Putting into consideration, Fortador ensures every aspect of the process produces a perfect and long-lasting finish. Now, the process involves;

·     Washing car and Clay Bar treatment

Check this guide how to clay bar a car

polishing of car paint to remove imperfection before installation of ceramic car coating

·     Polishing the surface to get all the shine out.

·     Using IPA to remove all residues

·     Make sure it's clean

·     Apply Ceramc Coating Primer/Activator using Yellow Applicator covered with special microfiber 1, wait 3-5 minutes for bonding, all residues will evaporate. it is lifetime coating

·     Using Brush apply Kevlar Ceramic Coating Protection paste on glass, mirrors, wheels and plastic, using Yellow Applicator and microfiber #2 apply on paint with circular movement, gently massaging the surface.wait 15 minutes

ceramic car coating for glass

·     With Soft Microfiber remove residues and polish the surface, this step will be same for maintain your coating every 6-9 months

·     Apply Kevlar Ceramic Interior Coating on all interior surfaces using Atomizer

·     Wipe out residues after 1 minute, don’t drive car for 60 minutes letting Kevlar completely bond with materials of your seats.

Fortador Kevlar Coating Stage 2

The result would be shiny and appealing, giving it a new look.

2. Benefits of Kevlar Ceramic Car Coating

water repel from car carets protected with kevlar ceramic car coating

Most importantly, the accruing benefits of choosing Kevlar coating for your car are enormous. It includes;

·     Protecting your vehicle from all the elements of nature

·     The coating lasts all through the lifespan of the vehicle and beyond.

·     Impenetrable to chips and scratches on the vehicle

·     Protects against rust and eliminates the need for waxing

·     It gives a robust and perfect finish that appeals to the eyes

·     No peeling or fading

·     Reduces the cost of maintaining the exterior and interior of a vehicle

·     Increases the value of your car when you intend reselling it

·     Durable and more robust than your everyday coating

3. Conclusion

The cost-effectiveness of having experts handle your vehicle coating cannot be over emphasized. It is worthy of note that the total cost of spraying the body of a truck varies. So we could put the estimated cost of spraying a truck around $3,000 to $5,000. On the other hand, the price for a standard Ceramic coating from $1400 to $3000. That's why you should count for a reliable company to give you value for your money. A company like Fortador ensures it gives your vehicle a perfect and long-lasting finish. Your trucks, suvs and other automobiles deserve a special touch from this expert. Check about car paint coating

4. Videos

In summary,   ensure you give your vehicle to experts who handle every each job as a high-end makeover—paying attention to every detail while customizing your vehicle surface to your taste.

If you are interested to become Installer/Reseller of Fortador Kevlar Coating, please, fill this FORM.


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How to Install Best Protection Ceramic Coating for Car


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