The Best Uses for a Home Steam Cleaner

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April 24, 2023

Portable Steam Cleaner for Your Home and Office

Steam cleaning has gained popularity over the last several years because of its eco-friendly nature and the method's superior ability to rid surfaces of many different contaminants, including bacteria and viruses that can make us sick. If you have had a steam cleaning company disinfect areas of your home, chances are you have thought that you can do the job yourself instead of remaining a customer. Steam cleaning is a job that just about anyone can do, yet what types of surfaces can you clean with a small or home steam cleaner? What's even more important is how do you know if the steam cleaner you choose is powerful enough to clean your house properly? Relax, because we'll tell you the characteristics of a good steam cleaner that you can easily operate, as well as all the great ways you can use it to clean your home.

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  1. How to choose best portable steamer for home
  2. Best uses of portable steamer at home:
    A. Hard surfaces
    B. Kitchen cleaning
    C. Furniture and curtaines
    D. Outdoor steam cleaning
    E. Misc
  3. Conclusion

1. What Kind of Steam Cleaner Should I Buy?

Browse and other websites, and you'll see dozens, if not hundreds, of steam cleaners for sale. All descriptions will extoll the virtues of the machine in question, making it seem like the steamer you are reading about is the best machine in the world. Some are good, but only in a limited capacity. Here is what you should look for when selecting a steam cleaner.

portable steam cleaner fortador volt mini

1.1 Features to Seek in Your Home Steam Cleaner

When selecting a home steam cleaner, you need to consider several characteristics. Even though a steamer may indicate that it is a commercial model, many smaller ones, like the Fortador Volt Mini is an excellent choice for homeowners who intend to clean their premises frequently. While the Volt Mini price may seem high compared with home steamers listed on various websites, you'll quickly note that this machine has highly superior features, which will make quick work of any job that you have.

Among the basics you'll want to consider are:

  • Attachments - you'll want additional tools to to all types of jobs
  • Warm-up time - the shorter the time, the quicker you can get to cleaning
  • Tank size - With a larger tank, you won't waste time with frequent refills
  • Steam temperature - the hotter the steamer gets, the drier the steam, which translates to better disinfection and less chance of damaging surfaces
  • Pressure - the higher the pressure, the more effective the machine is
  • Power cord - long power cord will save time on reconnecting
  • Price - More expensive steam cleaning machines come with better customer service, longer product life and a strong warranty
steam cleaner attachments and accessories

Steamers advertised to the residential market will always cost less than commercial steamers. However, a smaller electric unit like the Fortador Volt Mini will not only be cost-effective if you intend to use it frequently. Its germ- and virus-killing power is exceptional as it heats the water to 338 degrees Fahrenheit, which is much higher than the recommended 200 degrees Fahrenheit for home steam cleaning machines. Another key feature is the pressure of the steam. The Volt Mini gives you 101.5 PSI overheated steam pressure, allowing you to do the job in less time as you won't have to keep going over areas repeatedly like you may have to do with machines that produce less pressure. You can also add small amounts of eco-friendly detergent or vinegar to the device to help boost its cleaning power.

What is also great about the Fortador Volt Mini is that it gives you the option of allowing maximum power and portability. The Volt Mini only weighs 16.5 pounds, and when you buy it with accessories that will enable you to move it quickly from your vehicle to your car, it's even more cost-effective. You can even use it to detail your car, boat, and all types of recreational vehicles. You can't do that with an inexpensive home steamer. Let's take a look at all the things you can sanitize and deodorize with little or no detergent via this environmentally friendly machine complete chemical free.

2. Steam Cleaning Hard Surfaces

Your home is full of hard surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and just about everywhere you look. Steam cleaning isn't just for floors, as there are very few hard surfaces that won't benefit from a pass with the steamer. Using a small commercial steam cleaner for these areas will keep them in top condition.

steaming of hard floors

2.1 Floors of All Types

What kind of floors do you have in your home? Do you have tile, stone, linoleum, vinyl, and even engineered wood and hardwood. However, there's one caveat with hardwood as it must be sealed. We don't recommend steam cleaning unsealed hardwood floors as the steam can get into the wood and warp it over time. The same goes for laminate floors. Don't clean them, as the steam can get into the layers and cause them to swell. Compared to washing with a traditional mop, steam mop cleaning your floors will make them dry quicker, so it's an excellent option for high-traffic areas. When cleaning the floor, don't forget to run the steamer over the baseboards, which are frequently neglected. You won't believe how great they will look.

Learn more about steam mops

2.2 Bathroom Surfaces

Bathrooms are full of dirty surfaces that can be hard to clean as well as disinfect. They accumulate mold and mildew due to the abundance of moisture in the air. Grout in the bathtub and shower area is particularly prone to mold mildew, viruses, and more. These lines between the tile often become dirtier than the tile itself because dirt tends to congregate there, making it difficult to scrub away. Use the small attachment on your steam cleaner to blast away dirt, soap scum, and other gunk. Give your vanities and similar surfaces a go to blast away soap scum, even the tile on the wall. You'll be glad you did.

Other bathroom surfaces that will benefit from periodic steam mop cleaning include shower doors, faucets and mirrors, showers and tubs, sinks, and the fixtures that go with those areas. Clean mirrors and glass surfaces using a squeegee attachment. You'll eliminate streaks with this method too.

2.3 Toilet Cleaning

We bet you didn't think of this one. Let's face it, cleaning the toilet is one of the worst jobs in your home because it involves heavy scrubbing and harsh chemicals, the latter of which can affect your health. Steam cleaning with a small jet nozzle will focus the power of steam on tough stains. You can also use the handheld steamer to disinfect and clean the area around your toilet.

cleaning toilet with steam

2.4 Eliminating Hard Water Buildup

This section also pertains to kitchen and utility room areas. If you live in an area with hard water, your fixtures may have frequent white stains due to mineral despots left behind after the water has elaborated. Blast the steam at faucets and similar fixtures to get rid of the dirt. Apply vinegar to the stains before cleaning if they persist, as the vinegar's acidity helps neutralize the water's alkalinity.

3. How utilize portable steamer in the Kitchen

Steam cleaning is great for removing stains and grease, and we all know how grease can accumulate when cooking. Bacteria is also a significant concern here, so the list of items you can clean here is virtually endless. Try your commercial steamer on the following applications.

3.1 Cleaning the Stove and Oven

Let's face it, caked-on food is hard to get rid of on stovetops as it takes a lot of scrubbing and soaking. Oven cleaning is another hated task, but what's moe is many oven cleaners also contain lye, which creates toxic fumes. With steam cleaning, you can remove baked-on gunk without chemicals. Use a small brush to clean the rails and a larger brush to loosen baked-on food from larger areas. Once you have steamed your stovetop and oven, wipe down the surface with a microfiber cloth. Don't forget your stove hood. Steam is a great way to remove grease.

applience cleaning with portable steamer

3.2 Removing Refrigerator Gunk and Defrosting the Freezer

Keeping up with stains, spills, and general dirt inside the refrigerator is hard. Unpleasant odors can occur when food rots. Steam cleaning is an excellent way to deodorize and sanitize. Use a brush attachment to scrub away caked-on food. Make quick work of defrosting your freezer with the steamer. Unplug it, place a large container to catch the ice, and use a scraping tool to remove large pieces.

4. Working With Soft Surfaces

Carpetins, upholstery, and more can benefit greatly from steam cleaning. Sometimes stains may become embedded in fabrics and fibers, and while you may need to treat them beforehand with extra detergent or organic spot treatments, you can generally remove these stains without harsh chemicals.

cleaning of chair with small steamer
Chemical free furniture cleaning
Check our full guide for couch and furniture cleaning

4.1 Upholstered Furniture

Using an appropriate attachment, you can easily remove stains, remove odors and make all kinds of soft surfaces look better. Use your steamer on sofas, chairs, pet beds, cushions, sofa covers, and more. Low-moisture steam deep cleans and removes stains without soaking. Note that you may have to pre-treat stubborn stains or go over areas several times to remove dirt thoroughly.

4.2 Mattresses

One a mattress is stained, it remained stained, right? Nope, that's not the case. Steam cleaning your mattress is the most effective way to deep clean and sanitize it. Not only will you get a fresh smelling mattress, but you'll also eliminate dust mites, bed bugs, and their eggs thanks to the high temperature of the steam, which kills these pests. Steam will also rid our mattresses of dust, dirt, and general debris, making for a better overall environment. With steam cleaning, you'll get a clean environment without chemicals.

4.3 Cleaning Carpets and Rugs

Attach a carpet glider to your steamer to give your rug or carpet a quick clean. The attachment of handhel steamer will allow you to clean the fibers without soaking them thoroughly. Remember that heavily stained areas may have to undergo pre-treatment first.

4.4 Eliminate Clothing Wrinkles

Ironing is outdated in 2021. Steam and refresh your clothes instead. Use a clothes attachment if you have one. Steam doesn't only eliminate wrinkles, and it also removes bacteria. Generally, an upholstery attachment works well when cleaning clothes.

4.5 Clean Curtains

Curtains are a tricky item to clean as you need to take them down first. With a commercial steamer and the proper attachment, you can leave them up on the rods. Use the appropriate attachment to steam clean and refresh curtains in the same way that you would clothes.

Learn more about best vacuum steam cleaners.

5. Cleaning of Outdoor Items

Chances are, you already know what great a commercial steam cleaner is for detailing the exterior and interior of your car, SUV, truck, recreational vehicle and more. However, you can also use your steam cleaner to refresh other items and make them look new.

5.1 Patio Furniture and Cushions

Clean your outdoor furniture in a manner similar to how you would for indoor furniture. Not only does outdoor furniture become filthy thanks to the environment, but these pieces can also accumulate bird and pest poop. The steamer will blast away the dirt will also sanitize furniture cushions. Use jet nozzle dirt and dust away and then scrub away with a brush on tough areas. Include items like patio umbrellas and grills on your cleaning day. Remove grates from barbecue grills to blast away the charred food sticking to them.

5.2 Sanitizing Toys

If you have kids, you know how grubby their toys can get. Whether you have outdoor toys or smaller ones they play with indoors, using chemicals is not advised when cleaning, especially if you have babies or toddlers because they tend to put everything in their mouths. With steam cleaning, you won't have to worry about hazardous residue from cleaning solutions or bacteria that remains on toy surfaces, as the steam will remove up to 99% of all bacteria and viruses.

While you're at it, you can also sanitize other items that your children frequently use. These include car seats, cribs and strollers. Use an appropriate tool to clean each piece.

6. Cleaning Miscellaneous Items

Many surfaces in and around your home can benefit from an occasional once-over with the Fortador Volt Mini. Consider these uses whenever you feel that some of these items need thorough sanitizing.

Windows cleanier ith home steamer
Window squeegee or Steam Cleaner

6.1 Ceiling Fans

Here's another item that often gets overlooked until it's full of dust. Fans in the kitchen can also accumulate cooking grease. Use a long wand and diamond brush to make the job easier. Attach a clean microfiber cloth on the end of the attachment to finish the job.

6.2 Light Switches and Door Knobs

Door knobs and light switches are small areas that are also often overlooked, yet they are one of the most used surfaces in your home. Attach a small took to your steamer to work in and around the tiny crevices. Use a low moisture setting when cleaning light switches to avoid electrical issues.

6.3 Don't Neglect these Items

You'll find many other items that can benefit from quick cleaning and sanitizing with a steamer. finish smaller itemsby wiping them down with a microfiber cloth. Among the items that will benefit from steaming are:

A word of caution on the last item: Never steam windows clean when they are cold because they can crack or break because of the temperature difference. If you are unsure about cleaning an item with your steamer, refer to your owner's manual.

7. Conclusion

Steam cleaning will not only remove over 99% of bacteria, viruses, and other undesirable particles, it's also an eco-friendly option. Besides not using harsh chemicals that can leave toxic residue, steamers only use a fraction of the water necessary for other methods. Not only will your family thank you, but the environment will also thank you too.

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