Steam Cleaning Secrets for Shag Rugs: How to Keep Your Fluffy Floors Fabulous

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July 28, 2023

Ultimate Guide to Steam Cleaning Shag Rugs: Unlocking Deep Cleaning Power

Floor-to-floor shag rugs have emerged as a highly sought-after and aesthetically pleasing addition to contemporary home decor. Unlike their predecessors from the 1970s, shag rugs are now available in a wide array of materials, ranging from wool to leather, and in a plethora of colors. These rugs not only provide an unparalleled coziness underfoot but also add an element of architectural charm to any room.

However, owing to their plush and soft pile, shag rugs need more care and attention than smaller, flatter weaves. The longer fibers of shag rugs tend to accumulate more dust, making them more challenging to keep clean. Consequently, it is imperative to follow a thorough cleaning routine to maintain the rugs' pristine condition.

In the article below, we will talk about how to clean a shag rug with ease and what products to use for your deep down cleaning process.

Key Takeaways:

  • Regular vacuuming: Vacuum weekly, focus on high-traffic areas daily.
  • Fluffiness restoration: Use brush, comb/rake, or fork to add fluff.
  • Spot treatment for stains: Act fast, use dish soap and warm water for general dirt, damp cloth with mild detergent for tough stains.

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First step to a clean shag rugs

If you need to clean small rugs, a quick way is to take them outside and shake them well. Alternatively, you can drape the rug around rails or sturdy clotheslines and use a broom or an old tennis racket to beat the dust and dirt out. Just remember to avoid cleaning your rugs when the area is flooded. Once you have experience with rug cleaning, it becomes an easy task.

Vacuum the shag carpet

Vacuum the shag carpet

Having a vacuum cleaner with great suction is going to help you get closer to having a fluffy rug once again.It has been observed that the suction action of vacuuming can give the carpet fibers a slight lift. While this may not provide a complete revitalization of the carpet, it is a beneficial starting point.

The intensity of your vacuuming plays a crucial role in the fibers standing upright, which will facilitate subsequent techniques for fluffing the carpet. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you apply a strong and intense suction action during vacuuming to achieve optimal results.

Expert Tips for Maintaining Fluffy Shag Rugs

Regular vacuum cleaning is an essential task that effectively cleans shag rugs by removing dust, hair, and invisible dirt, keeping the flooring fresh. It is recommended to clean the rugs once a week and the traffic areas every day. When vacuuming shags, it is important to use the suction function of the vacuum unless they are attached to carpets using beaters and a rotating caster. To effectively clean a shag area rug or room, use an upholstery attachment or nozzle with a scrubbing brush.

How to Keep Your Shag Rug Fluffy

If you're looking to add some extra fluff to your carpet, a simple brush or carpet comb/rake can do the trick. In case you don't have these tools, a fork can be a quick alternative, although it might take hours for a full room carpet. For smaller area rugs, a fork would suffice. If you're planning to tackle small rug or bigger sections, consider investing in a carpet rake.

Remove Prints from Regular Foot Traffic

As time passes, carpets in frequently walked-on areas such as the living room or kids' room may become flattened. While the aforementioned methods may work, stubborn areas may require extra effort. In such cases, spraying water on the indentation followed by fluffing it up with a fork can do the trick. This technique effectively restores the flattened areas, especially those with furniture marks that are challenging to fix.

Stains on a Shag Rug

How to Remove Stains from a Shag Rug

If the staining occurs on a shaggy rug, it needs to be treated immediately to avoid permanent damage. This can also be achieved with spot treatment. Contrary to deep cleaning spot treatments address stains on specific surfaces.

Stains on shaggy floors are typically dealt with quickly through spot treatment. This method specifically targets and removes stains from particular surfaces or areas, rather than conducting a thorough deep cleaning.

  • Dish soap and Warm water

To effectively remove stains on surfaces, it's recommended to follow specific guidelines for each type of stain. For general dirt, a mixture of diluted dish soap and warm water can do the trick. Soak a cloth in the solution, gently rub the residue, and then use clean towels to wash and sanitize the area. It's advisable to hang rugs for drying.

  • Mild detergent or non foaming carpet detergent

To get rid of stains on the shag rug, it's best to use a damp cloth and a small amount of detergent. Gently rub the affected area with the cloth, ensuring that all residue is removed. If you're dealing with tough dirt or debris that's stuck in shag, using a brush may help loosen it up.

  • Blot Spills and/or Remove Solids

To get rid of excess water, it's best to use paper towels or a clean microfiber cloths first. In case it has any solid substances, take them out and dispose of them using paper towels. Once the dust has dried, you can carefully remove it by scraping the surface with a butter knife.

Expert Tips to Keep Shag Rugs Clean Longer

If your shag rugs are not of enormous sizes, taking them outside and shaking off the dirt will prolong the amount of times that you will be needing a cleaning.

When choosing your shag rug, keep in mind where it will be used, if you are planning to put it in the living room, getting a light colored shag rug might look good but will definitely give you an extra work to keep it clean

Steam Deep Cleaning Shag Rugs

Deep Cleaning Shag Rugs: The Power of Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaner might be the best thing that has happened to homeowners in decades. Aside from being a multifunctional cleaning solution in your home, the machine is also great to deep clean a shag rug.

To steam clean your shag rug, you will need to have already used a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the trapped dirt, pet hair, dust mites and etc.

Then, turn on you steam cleaning machine and use a vacuum head attachment. If you want to go a step further, you can apply a cleaning solution on the rug and vacuum it up if your steam cleaning machine has dual extraction function.

Shag Rug Steam cleaner

Deep Clean With Dry Carpet Shampoo Granules

To clean your carpet and rug, start by applying granules and gently sprinkling them over the fibers. Make sure to check the product labels to ensure they are suitable for your carpet type, whether wool or acrylic. Use soft bristles to clean shaggy fibers.

Contact the manufacturer to inquire about the appropriate duration for the dry shampoo granules to remain on your carpet, which is usually around an hour.
  • Use dry shampoo to clean any spots on the rug.
  • Allow the suggested time for the dry shampoo to work on the spots.
  • Remove the rug and shake it vigorously to remove any remaining debris.
  • Remember to regularly vacuum both surfaces of the rug for maintenance.
FAQ Shag Rug Care

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Shag Rug Care

Below are some of the most common questions about shag rugs.

How often should I clean a shag rug?

To maintain the fluffy pile and remove dust and debris from your shag or frieze pile rug, it's best to vacuum it daily if it receives regular foot traffic, especially if you have pets. However, if that's not feasible, vacuuming a few times a week should suffice to keep the high pile rug clean. It's also advisable to carry out a deep cleaning monthly or as and when required for a more thorough cleaning.

How do you dry a rug after washing it?

In order to prevent any damage, it is recommended to air-dry small area rugs instead of putting them in the dryer. The most effective way to ensure proper drying is by hanging them up.

Is there a homemade carpet cleaner?

It's possible that you already possess all the essential components to create a highly efficient DIY carpet cleaner. Simply combine water, white vinegar, and dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle. If you want to enhance its cleaning prowess, you may include oxygen bleach, unless the carpet is made of wool fibers.

This mixture is ideal for removing stains from shag rugs. You may also spray the solution lightly over a low-pile rug or use a small upholstery cleaning device to work the cleaning solution deep into the fibers, then allow it to air-dry.

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