Achieving Streak-Free Windows: Top Tools and Kits Revealed

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July 12, 2023

Ultimate Guide to Professional Window Cleaning Tools

If you are looking to buy window cleaning supplies for your business, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Professionals worldwide use different window washing tools depending on the type of jobs they do.

Key Takeaways:

  • Distilled water is essential for streak-free window cleaning.
  • Fortador Volt Mini portable steam cleaner effectively cleans windows, kills bacteria, and removes stains.
  • Ettore Aqua Windows Cleaning System Aquaclean EZ1PRO+ reduces costs and promotes eco-friendly practices.
  • Invisible Glass Surfaces kits offer comprehensive solutions for streak-free cleaning.
  • Invest in the right tools for efficient window cleaning and long-term business benefits.

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Professional Window Cleaning Tools with a Complete Line for All Glass Cleaning Needs

Window cleaning can be a tough job to get done, but the selection of window cleaning tools is endless. Below, you will find several recommendations of ergonomic window cleaning tools for your business needs.

The market is full of window cleaning supplies, but how do you know which one to choose? First of all, keep in mind that washing windows with just water is going to leave streaks that will be hard to take off. Distilled water is free from chemicals and minerals that is the predominant cause of water spots and streaky deposits on the windows. If you are going to be using water from the tap, you will be wasting time wiping off the windows.

Fortador Volt Mini portable steam cleaner
Fortador Volt Mini portable steam cleaner

Fortador Volt Mini portable steam cleaner

Over the last decade, steam cleaning has become the number one method of cleaning a variety of things like cars, homes, offices, and hard to reach areas.

Ideal equipment

Fortador Volt Mini is one of the ideal tools for cleaning dirt off the windows. Steam cleaning is eco-friendly since it can cleanse and sterilize a variety of surfaces with little to no additional products or other agents. The primary benefit of steam cleaning is the ability to eliminate and kill over 99% of bacteria, viruses, germs, and other pathogens.

Steam window cleaning solutions

This piece of equipment lets operators quickly slide this very portable steam equipment into and out of a work zone and bring it to the job site because of its small weight of only 16.5 lbs. The Volt MINI's boiler generates production of steam in under five minutes, similar to other Fortador steamers.

High pressure for glass surfaces

Unlike other tiny professional portable steamers for cleaning, the Volt MINI operates at extremely high pressures and temperatures and can generate 101.5 psi of steam at a maximum temperature of 338 degrees Fahrenheit. The equipmentt is made out of AISI 304 stainless steel, which attests to its durability, is used in the construction.

No More Stains

The heat of the steam helps loosen and lift the dirt from any type of surfaces, even glass. Regular water hoses will leave stains on the windows when cleaned, but because the water has been distilled

Detachable microfiber pads

Fortador Volt Mini equipment comes with various types of accessories, designed to fit any job that has to be done. Aside from having an extensive list of accessories for the operator to choose from this.

Learn more about washing windows with steam with this guide.
Ettore Aqua Windows Cleaning System Aquaclean EZ1PRO+

Ettore Aqua Windows Cleaning System

The Aquaclean EZ1PRO+ is more than simply our newest pure water system; it weighs approximately half as little as other systems thanks to a single regenerated resin filter. Resin that has been regenerated only needs to be purchased once, after which it can be done repeatedly. In comparison to multi-stage systems, it has a clear economic benefit and is also environmentally benign. The Aquaclean EZ1PRO+ can help you cut operational costs and go green in your business.

Disposable Resin Filter

The Ettore Fastbag system is included with the Aquaclean EZ1PRO+. The 3.3 gallon mixbed resin can be easily and quickly replaced thanks to this novel technology. One-way disposable resin or regenerating mixbed resin can be used to fill the Fastbag. You can get resin replacement services from your neighborhood distributor. Because regenerated mixbed resin can be manufactured repeatedly, using it will significantly reduce operating costs and is a "green" option.

The equipment is very portable, lightweight, and has a reusable resin filter. The replacement for the resin filter is easy and not time consuming at all. The unit has two holes, allowing you to connect two poles on a single unit. The equipment has a capacity of 3.3 gallons, leaving enough time to clean windows without having to refill the water. The housing is made out of stainless steel, limiting the amount of corrosion accumulation.

Extension Poles

Without the possibility of a second pump, the majority of Pure Water systems run with just one pole. The Aquaclean EZ1PRO+ has a revolutionary flow design that generates ideal water flow, allowing for the simultaneous operation of two poles without the need for costly pumps or the hassle of attempting to locate electricity to power the pumps. Once more, Ettore offers a straightforward route to increase effectiveness and hence save money!

Invisible Glass Surfaces window cleaning kits

Invisible Glass Surfaces window cleaning kits

If you are looking for window cleaning starter kits, look no further. The Pro Glass Care Kits are designed to treat different glass surfaces like windshields, windows, sunroofs and etc.

What's included:

The window cleaning tools kits come with a ceramic glass coating, a glass stripper, and microfiber towels.

Other accessories

For an additional cost, you can buy more accessories like scrapers, sponges, and squeegees on their Amazon page or the website.

Free of streaks on glass surfaces

The formula in the invisible glass does not contain any streaky soaps, so you will not have any residue on the windows when you are done cleaning.

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No matter what window cleaning tools you end up choosing, always remember that distilled water is best when cleaning the windows. Investing in a window cleaning machine will help you save time and end up paying off as you keep using it for your business.

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