Miami detailing training center steam cleaning, paint correction and ceramic car coating installation

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May 1, 2023

How to become detailer in one place

The detailing training course is designed to provide hands-on training and theoretical knowledge to individuals interested in pursuing a career in auto detailing. The course covers topics such as exterior and interior detailing, polishing and waxing, paint correction, and customer service. Participants will learn industry-standard techniques and tools from experienced professionals, with the goal of mastering the skills needed to provide high-quality detailing services.

Table of Contents

Our training center in MIami finished remodeling of classroom studio and welcoming all car lovers and professionals to get training on:

Interior Detailing using traditional methods and steam technology

Rupes Paint Correction system

Application of Ceramic coating

Touch ups and Smart Repairs

Miami Total Steam Detailing Center was open in February of 2017 and in 18 months got more than 300 5-stars review from car owners that were impressed with power of steam, we beat all averages in customer satisfaction, reveue and efficiency.

Learn more about detailing tools and equipment needed for mobile serbices.

If you want to start detailing business or add new services for your company you are welcome to our Training Center to learn more about detailing services, like:

Lev Tretyakov
Sabrina Tretyakova

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How to become detailer in one place


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