Crafting an Enthralling Auto Detailing Menu: Merging Selections with Transformative Offers

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September 15, 2023

Building a Compelling Auto Detailing Menu: From Options to Offers

As you look to offer or expand your auto detailing services, you have great options. The services you can offer are almost limitless. The challenge in coordinating and packaging such services is the initial organization of the detailing offers. You want to create packages and options that make sense to the customer.

This article is intended to help you create an auto detailing menu.

Key Takeaways:

  • Organize and package your auto detailing services in a way that makes sense to customers.
  • Offer a comprehensive range of services for both exterior and interior vehicle detailing.
  • Price your services based on packages and individual add-ons, clearly defining and describing each service.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Exterior Detailing services
  3. Interior Detailing Services
  4. Building your Detailing Menu
  5. Conclusion

1. Auto Detailing Services and Car Wash Menu

We will offer you suggestions on packages, and define many of the individual detailing services, such as carpet and engine cleaning. This type of a professional service program will give you and your customers options in an easy to understand menu format.

2. Exterior Vehicle Detailing Service

snow foam is a safe method in car wash

Exterior auto detailing services include a complete hand wash. This includes the paint, trim, bumper, glass and all other exterior surfaces. As you clean cars and trucks, it is key that your customers know what to expect. Having service detail descriptions will help them. As you create your detailing menu, you can enter a price range by vehicle type and size, also add remarks about extra charges that can be applied, if vehicle is extremely dirty. The following are starter ideas for you to build upon as you create your exterior auto wash detailing business.

2.1 Exterior Detailed Wash

The focus of a car is often on the paint. Using pressure washer, "snow" foam, waterless wash, two buckets or a steamer you to clean the paint effectively without creating scratches. Make description of method you use and be ready to explain to your customer why you offer this method.

2.2 Paint Correction or Shine Restoration

Paint can experience oxidation that makes it look dull and faded. Offering this on your detailing service menu lets drivers consider this service if their car is looking faded. Help them fight oxidation. This process can use auto clay to remove contaminates. We suggest a high-quality clay for effective detailing services. Do not forget about IronX or Ferrex prior to polish to remove all metall particles from paint

2.3 Wax Services: Express Spray or Hand/Machine long lasting

Protecting vehicle paint and trim with a carnauba or other car wax as a professional service can be a great opportunity. Many car owners do not have time to use wax to polish or protect their cars, and give them the protection they need. By offering this services and treatment you are adding value, and potentially extended the life of the paint shine. You can price this protection service a little higher as it has higher value to car owners.

2.4 Paint Sealant Services

After your car wash is complete, the paint is ready for a paint sealant treatment. A paint sealant is a synthetic polymer-based solution that provides a distinct gloss. This can be different from natural wax. You can give each customer a choice of wax or a sealant, depending on the paint finish he or she is looking for.

2.5 Engine Wash and Detail

As part of your exterior auto wash services, do not forget under the hood. You can use a steamer to wash the engine bay surfaces. The removal of the grease and grime are now part of your professional auto detailing. If there is chrome cover, you can polish that with a special paste, plastic can be restored also with special products.

2.6 Tire and Wheel Detail Wash and Polish

The profile on vehicles is highlighted by the tire and wheel views. Using a targeted detergent to spray or hand wash is key. This allows for the removal of brake dust and other road build up. You can use a tire dressing to give them 'wet' look, do not forget to offer wheels polish and scratch repair.

2.7 Headlight Wash from bugs

A clean light brightens the road for your customers. Including this in your car wash menu shows you have solutions and care.

2.8 Headlight Restoration

headlights restoration is a great detailing service

Headlights on cars are exposed to a variety of weather conditions. The plastic lenses will start to fade and could be in need of professional headlight restoration. Your services can make them look like new. The material goes on like a polish and is easily wiped off as part of your detailing service.

2.9 Running Board Detailing

These surfaces get soiled from footsteps and road dirt. They contribute to the profile of a vehicle. You can price out running board cleaning in your detail package. Running boards take additional work, and customers will appreciate the add-on service.

3. Interior Vehicle Detailing Service

Interior detailing contains a key list of services for vehicles. Drivers can feel good in their travels with a complete interior wash and detail that transforms their car into pristine condition. A vehicle can hold its value if the seats, upholstery, mats, carpets, steering wheel, the trim and the cargo area had detailing work that kept them in spotless condition. Some car owners refer to an interior cleaning service as deep cleaning. As you build your auto detailing menu, you can include the following services and more.

3.1 Seat Cleaning with Shampoo and Other Detail Materials

baby seat cleaning is an extra service

One of the highest profile parts of a complete vehicle interior detailing service is the seating area. A common cleaning agent for seats is shampoo. Shampoo gives power to the dirt removal process for effective deep vehicle cleaning.

If a seat has a persistent stain that is not easily removed with steam or a shampoo, there is a targeted removal treatment for most stains. For complete stain removal, you can have two or three agents on hand.

Child car seats come in contact with food, drink, and offer a unique cleaning opportunity in your interior auto detailing services. A parent will want a chemical-free detailing solution. You can hand wash car seats with a mild soap or use a steamer. This complete care and attention to detail will increase customer satisfaction.

Vinyl and leather seats are part of an interior detail. You can market on the side of your vehicle that you can clean, and have treatments for leather and vinyl seats and trim. This line of service not only cleans, but also offers protection from scratches.

3.2 Vacuum for Complete Care

vacuuming is a part of any interior jobs

A commercial vacuum has the attachments for a complete interior detail. First using a vacuum for upholstery, mats, vinyl cargo areas, carpets and more gets the loose debris out of cars and trucks. This key part of an interior detail will pave the way for deep cleaning, shampoo and sealant services.

3.3 Console Services

A console is typically lined with thin carpet or vinyl. As part of your interior detail package, list the console in your line. You can vacuum this out for complete dirt removal. The cover or lid of the console could be made of leather. This is a high contact area in cars. You can also put and price leather sealant and protection on your detailing menu.

3.4 Phone Holder

Some vehicles have phone holders on the dash or console as part of the interior. You may have to hand wash this with a small tool. Phone holders collect dust and grime and should be a target for soil removal.

3.5 Door Panels

Door panels are easy to include in your detailing menu. They get scuffed and marked. Listing and demonstrating this service as part of your detail package can get attention. Some door panels have carpet on the bottom, some may have leather.

After you detail the surface, you may have the opportunity to offer leather or carpet protection. A leather sealant or polish as part of your detailing package can complete your detail offering. Carpet protection often comes in the form of spray on solutions.

3.6 Detailing Dash Boards

easy cleaning with steam

Dash boards are one of the highest profile interior pieces; they are seen by all passengers. Including them in your detail service menu can bring additional business. The dash board could also be included in an express service.

Dash boards take a beating from the sun’s ultra-violet rays. This brings the opportunity to offer a sealant as a layer of protection from these harmful rays.

3.7 Car Mat Detailing

dog hair removal is a extra service

Car mats are often thought of as part of the carpets in a car wash. If car mats are fabric, they can be removed and detailed with an extractor. If car mats are vinyl, rubber or hard material, they can be cleaned with a steamer or hand wash.

3.8 Commercial fleet cleaning

Cleaning trucks and delivery vehicles is one of the most stable service that you need to offer.

4. Pricing on your Menu

You can price your services in packages and individual add-on services. Below are some suggestions that you can tailor to your market and business.

4.1 Full Exterior and Interior Car Detail

You can do research in your market, but the national prices range from around $175 to over $350. This all-inclusive package typically includes deep interior cleaning, exterior cleaning and a wax. This is considered a full service detail.

4.2 Express Detail

Some car owners need a quick exterior service with a few high impact areas included. You can package interior items like the dash, floor mats or glass to let the light come in.

4.3 Exterior Only

Some car owners may only want the exterior of the vehicle cleaned. This will cleanse the paint of dirt and grime. You can price out the exterior with or without wax. Some drivers will do an exterior wash, and then an interior wash every other time.

4.4 Interior Only

A complete interior detailing service can make an owner feel great about the interior of his or her vehicle. Your detailing service can add a lot of value here. Listing this service as freshening up the car or truck, and making the interior showroom new again has a lot of appeal.

4.5 Paint Restoration, Stone Chip Removal and Ceramic Coating

paint correction is a high end detailing

These higher-level services can be add-on revenue sources that you can include on your menu. Obviously, they are not done as frequently to an individual vehicle, but many owners are interested in carpet restoring their paint and protecting it with a ceramic coating.

5. Build your Menu

Car owners are looking for options for the care of their vehicles. Giving them a menu that defines and prices every service you offer makes it easy for them. Bundle the packages that make sense, and let them choose a la carte if they need something specific. We hope you found this helpful in building your business.

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